Sunday, August 14, 2016


Hey all! It's been more than a hot minute since I blogged...almost a hot year! And it's been a crazy year. Personally I have had a lot of changes in my household. Some sad and some happy. One of the happy ones was that in January I had a baby. 

Here is proud big sister holding her.....

And what my gorgeous girls look like now... 

I mean SERIOUSLY, do I make cute babies or what?!? :) And with faces like that the sad things aren't so sad or at least not going to bring me down. But needless to say those changes caused me to not blog, not make anything for TPT etc for a long, long time. 

Now, as if having personal changes were not enough for me I decided to make a MAJOR change in my professional life AAAANNNNDDDD...SWITCH TO KINDERGARTEN! 

So, what does that mean for Diving Into 2nd Grade??...I have no idea... Other than I still want to blog... I still want to create resources for TPT...And I still want to share what is going on in my classroom. 

I decided to change the theme of my room too. And I am going with camping. This is a sneak peek at my room...and I am OBSESSED with how this looks. 

And because I've switched grade levels I had to move away from the birthday beach that I created for my ocean themed 2nd grade classroom and go with a camping themed one so I made a campfire themed birthday chart. You can find it here.  

These are a few images from the product: 

That's all from me for now. If you've already started back, I hope your school year is off to a good start! If you are like me and you are getting ready to head back in a few weeks then I hope you enjoy your last little bits of summer vacation!


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