Sunday, March 30, 2014

2nd Grade Product Swap and Blog Hop: Math Stations and Journal Prompts for April

Welcome to the second grade product swap and blog hop!  EIGHTEEN wonderful second grade bloggers have joined together to swap and review each other's products.  Best of all, we are giving away all of the products to one lucky winner!  

If you are looking for the start of the hop, head over to see Casey at 2nd Grade Math Maniac to start hopping.  As you check out all the fabulous products, make sure to follow each blog on Bloglovin' as well.  There will be a Rafflecopter at the last stop.  This is where you can enter to win all of the products being reviewed!

So, I was lucky enough to be able to choose something from Casey's store to review. It was a tough choice, but ultimately the item I chose was her Math Stations and Journal Prompts for April. ( All aligned to CCSS, of course.) 

I was going to share pictures of my students using some of these awesome activities, unfortunately we had an ice day ( which makes day #14 off for the weather this year!) on Friday, so I am sharing pics of what we were GOING to do and I will update this post later on when we have actually had a chance to do some of the activities. 

These are all of the activities you get with this product. I love that she puts the standard addressed for each activity right away and in large print. Very helpful when planning. 
 I chose two items that my students are currently working on, measurement and time, to have them practice a little more. 
 This is the measurement activity. It comes with 6 pages that have pictures of two things to measure. Not only do students record their measurements, but they also have to find the difference between the two. This station activity packs a lot of punch. 

 The other one that I chose was the time activity. I love that this is so straightforward, but such a necessary skill to practice. You could do it as a station for students to practice independently or in small groups. You could also play it like a scoot game and place the cards at tables or around the room, for a little extra movement. 
Finally, the last thing I am sharing is the journal prompts. Each page has 5 of the same journal prompts, but there are 20 different prompts to choose from! When my students come back from lunch that is our math time. But trying to get them focused on the lesson right away is impossible. So when we come back from recess and lunch I always give them about 5-7 minutes of time to either read or work on a math skill. I thought this would be the perfect time to use these prompts. I have really tried to get my students writing more in all subject areas this year and these journal prompts are just the thing to encourage it in math. 

I would definitely recommend you check this product out. And if you are looking for a math activity, make Casey's store your first stop!

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Five For Friday: Other People Are Creative and Talented Edition

Happy Saturday friends!

SO yesterday we had ANOTHER snow day and it was number 13...yes 13!! So after having worked only two days this week I thought that I would showcase other peoples hard work for my Five for Friday post.

My blogging buddy Angela over at Hippo Hooray for 2nd Grade has MANY great products. We have been hard at work learning and re-learning regular and irregular plural nouns. My kiddos have really become obsessed with playing Scoot. So I picked up her Plural Nouns Scoot game and we used that for me to assess their learning. ( Coincidentally it was Angela's Estimating Scoot games that got them addicted.) 

We play Scoot 2 different ways in my room. Way #1 is everyone gets a card and we rotate around my tables. Way #2 is I put one card on our lockers out in the hall and we rotate down the line. Either way it gets them up and moving, so important for our littles, its a quick assessment and they think they are playing a game! Win/ Win for all!

Most of you do March is Reading Month activities at your school. We also do Kindergarten Round Up the first week of March and we do the same theme for both. This years theme is Fiesta. So my 2-5 are of different cute-cute bulletin boards around my school. Many of these ideas were inspired by Pinterest I was told. 

This bulletin board is inspired by the book Chicks and Salsa. It is SOOOOO cute! I have never read that book, but just based on this bulletin board I am checking it out!

This frog literally made me laugh out loud when I passed it by the first time. One of the special ed parapros does the academic center bulletin boards and they always turn out spectacularly!

This last one is going to have quotes from the staff about why we love our school for Kindergarten Round Up night. I love the tacos! 

 Finally, this last one doesn't really fit with our Fiesta theme but it is SO cute I had to share. Our office ladies made this board. TOTES ADORBS!

Well that is all for me. I am hoping to actually WORK next week and have more things to share from my room. ( I know, I know, poor me having snow days. But we are now in make up mode, so while those of you who don't have 3 snow days to make up are relaxing in June think of my sweltering in my old un-air conditioned building.) 

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Enjoy your weekend friends!