Friday, March 2, 2012

Fraction Sundaes....Yum! Yum!

Amy Lemons has done it again! She is the creative genius behind the winter people craftivity from my last post. Well, this time I purchased her fraction sundae from Teachers Pay Teachers. This awesome project takes a potentially difficult concept to understand ( fractions) and puts it into a concrete, 2nd grade friendly concept- ice cream! You can find the sundae's here : I highly recomend you follow her store. She is incredibley creative and crafty!

Now the prep for this was a bit time consuming. I took the ice cream template and traced it onto the colors I wanted to represent the different ice creams. This way it was more uniform...and when I say I did it I really mean I made my younger brother and his girlfriend help me while we watched PLL. :)

I also traced the bowls on a solid color. But for the label and the recording sheet  I simply copied them onto colored paper on our school printers. You could have the kids decorate their own but I thought that might get too time consuming and be to busy with color when displayed.

Once the sundaes were put together, I modeled for the kiddo's how to fill out the recording sheet and then I had them do their own. EVERY SINGLE ONE got 100%.  ( I even had some of my Special Ed. math students do it as well.)

Here is a shot of all of them on our Work We Love board. I love the color. I think they will be up for awhile!