Friday, August 8, 2014

A Triple Scoop of 2nd Grade

Today I am linking up with other fabulous 2nd grade bloggers to share......

We are here to share with you some of our fave products. The first two are from our own store and the third is a can't live with out product made by someone else. Keep reading. It might even be you!

My first product is my Making Connections packet. Confession time: Comprehension used to not be my favorite thing to teach...probably near the bottom. But after taking several classes on it Comprehension has become one of my absolute favorite things to teach. If we could do nothing but read good books and discuss them in my room all day I would be happy as a clam. 

I made this packet back when I was starting my comprehension journey. To me Making Text Connections is one of the "easier" comprehension strategies to teach and so it is usually one I start off with. 

It comes with 3 posters, student bookmarks, response sheets and question strips that could be used in a variety of different ways. You can find it in my store HERE

 My 2nd scoop is one of my favorite products.
I change my kids seats monthly. I find that if they stay by each other too long they become best friends. And by best friends I mean they talk. A LOT. ;)  I also enjoy decorating for the seasons/ holidays. So I created my seasonal nameplates packet so that I could change their name plates when I change their seats. Which is a good thing because by the end of the month those babies have DEFINITELY seen better days. 

The clip art on the cover is representative of the clip art you will find on the name plates. The 2nd image lists all of the different designs. ( There are 20 different styles!) You can get that HERE

PS: Both of my scoops will be on sale in my store through this weekend!

For my final scoop I decided to share one of my purchases during the big TPT sale. I am working on updating my ocean/ beach theme to be a bit more nautical. During the sale I was searching for clip art and papers to use in my creations and discovered this: 

Matches the colors of my room perfectly. Has anchors, chevron AND polka dots! Sign me up!!! There are tons of cute digital paper sets, clip art ( the elephants in her store are to DIE for!) You can check out Digital Dollface HERE.

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen her products in action already. And if you don't click on that little Instagram Icon and join me! :)

We've got more scoops of second grade for you! Make sure you stop by & check out everyone else's triple scoops! There are some real treats in store for you!!