Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Big Reveal: Part 1

Are you ready for photo overload, because that is what is going to make up most of this post. I have to do the disclosure of "keep in mind things are not finished in some areas, haven't redone my book tub labels, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah"....You all know the drill. Our rooms are NEVER done. We tweak and update all year long. It's just one of the many things I love about my job. :) 

You may notice that the font ,while still the same style, is smaller than usual. I did that to keep this post from being ginormous because there are a ridiculous amount of pictures ( especially for such a small room). I also will be doing half of the pictures today and the other half in a day or two. It is just TOO much for one post. You will NEVER make it through all the way to the end. :) 

So without further adieu, may I present my home away from home. My classroom. :)

Welcome sign on the door to my room. And welcome to ALL the pictures. :)

Outside of my room ( student lockers). We are currently hosting a canned food drive, hence the boxes in the middle of the hallway. 

My door and hallway bulletin board. I made the Where We Are Chart a couple of years ago.One of my students moves the fish to where we are in the building when we leave and return to our room. It's not in the picture because I took it off to laminate. The picture in the little black picture frame is me when I was in 2nd grade. A few years ago our principal asked for a picture of us from when we were in the grade we currently teach. He hung those in the hallway outside our rooms. I think its a super cute idea. 

These are the views to the left and to the right when you walk into my room. I previously shared the lunch count sharks during a Monday Made It. 

 I brought in this cupboard from home. ( It's a small butcher block island.) It houses my band aids, baggies, spoons, and napkins. I love the little picture frame. One of my teacher friends got it for me during Secret Valentine. 

 Then I took shots of the various views around my room.  

This is standing in the doorway. I really love my table set up this year. ( 4 rectangular ones pushed together with 1 kidney at the end.) 

This is the view from the hallway or standing just before going into the room. I love that you see my reading area right when you walk in the room, as it's my favorite area of my room. 

This is the view from my reading corner. You can see my desk/teacher area in the opposite corner.  

 This is the view from the back corner of my room.

 This is my teacher corner. It has my desk and filing cabinets. In the short tan one I keep all of my seasonal/ holiday stuff ( project idea's and books) . The black cupboard has my teacher's manuals and books. The bottom part of that has filing drawers that have my masters for making copies and station items. 
 The black bookshelf has all of my books that I keep separate from the one's the kiddo's use. They are ones I use for read aloud or author studies. It also has some reading curriculum books, my teacher toolbox, and my GIANT rainbow trout stuffed fish. My Mormor ( Swedish for grandma) got him for me for Christmas my first year of teaching. I love the inspirational posters on the back wall. I got them HERE. They are ridiculously cute and FREE!!! Underneath those I have group photo's from my first 4 years of teaching. Last year's class hasn't gotten hung up yet because I don't have the one for this years class yet to take it's place on the counter. :) 
Right in front of my desk is the desk that my pre-student teacher will use plus the bookshelf in front of my room. The bookshelf holds my students book bins. Go HERE to see my inspiration for these tubs.  In their book bins they keep their AR folders, their reading and writing journal, their station folder, and their 2 independent reading books. I didn't have enough space to put all 21 of their book bins on the shelves, so I let my student of the week keep theirs on the top shelf. The top shelf also houses my trays for turning in work and two tubs for the different take home folders we use. I also have some drawers that hold my bulletin board letters. 
 This is a close up view of my desk. You can see that I use post it notes stuck on my computer to keep track of my passwords. Its not the most sophisticated of systems but it works for me. I also try to drink 2 of those Ferris jugs of water per day. Go Bulldogs! :) 

 This is a shot of my math area. Plus the Cambells soup tin which holds my labels and box tops. 

 My math meeting board. You can see the front of my butcher block cart. I used wall stickers to decorate it. 

This is where I put the I can statements and directions for my math station activities. As you can see we just started this because there are currently only 2 choices. The table underneath it that you see in one of the above pictures holds the materials. 

This set of tubs holds most of my math manipulative's. I used the labels from the Ocean set that I purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers. I mentioned it in a Monday Made It. You can check out that post HERE. The fish rug is a bathmat. :) I wish his tail was red to go with the red tubs. :) 

I am going to stop here for now. Thanks for sticking it out to the end. I am impressed! Check back in a day or two to see the rest of my reveal. My favorite area's are yet to come. :) 

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  1. I really, REALLY love the table set up! What a great way to have all the kiddos together in a small space. Wish I had tables... I have desks with the chairs ATTACHED. UGH. What a pain!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!


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