Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 1 In The Books!

Anyone else see this on Scholastic's facebook page last week? HOW TRUE is this! Every year since I have been teaching ( 7 years now) on the first day of school we get pizza because who feels like cooking that day? I was SO tired last week Tuesday after our first day back that I could barely lift my pizza. AND I ate 5, YES 5! slices. It's because I never get to really eat anything that first day and into the first month or so...It's great for my waistline. But not if I am going home to scarf down 5 peices of pizza! :)

I have been meaning to take pics of my room for awhile now but I keep noticing all these little things I still want to do. I decided that since most, if not all, my followers are teachers you will understand those little area's that are blank because student work is supposed to go there or the book shelves don't have the new labels I am working on...because hey, we've ALL been there and I can always update with a new post. :) So, look for those this weekend.

Instead what I have for you today is some of the cuteness you will see around my school this year. Last year when I became addicted to Pinterest and TPT I ranted and raved about it so much that I brought many of my teacher friends along for the ride. :) Some were already using those sites, but had not yet reached my level of crazy. :)

After back to school night is done ( we have our's before school starts) I like to walk around and see my fellow teachers rooms and see all the fun things they have done. These are some of my favorite ones. :) Now, I don't know where they got the idea's from. Some of them are their own and some are PINspired. So if this is your original idea I would be happy to credit you, just let me know. It's only left out because to try to track down where MY ideas come from takes enough time...let alone my friends! :)

From my good friend Denise Kemp's 3rd grade room. A cute Where We Are chart and seat crates. ( Love the colors!)

 PLUS, these cute hall passes. She used those cute wooden shapes you can find at Micheals, had her hubby drill a little hole, and put a string through. Voila! Bathroom passes you don't have to touch!
 These next three are from my friend Marcie Hank's room. I wish you could see the bulletin board better. I LOVE the colors of it. It really pops in the hallway.
Sign outside of her room
This is the view into her room. It is so awesome, it makes me want to go back to 6th grade just to be in her room! Plus how cute are those curtains. She took scraps of cloth and tied them around the curtain rod. LOVE it!

 This bulletin board was done by one of Marcie's teaching partner's, the lovely Diane Kreh. This is so cute. I LOVE the clothespins.

The next two are from Mandy Atwood, a 4th grade teacher at my school. The first is her bathroom passes. Another genius way to not have the students touching the bathroom passes while in the bathroom...using lanyards! These ones are WAY cute too.
 AND, who didn't have Olympic fever this summer?! This board is SO cute. She has student names on each of the gold medals. LOVE it!

The wonderful Sarah Cook ,who teaches 1st grade at my school, made these for her teaching partners! How sweet is that?!
 This is one of my FAVE things. One of my bestie's, Heather Zocco, has a FAB student teacher, Brook Lynn,  this year. Brook designed this for back to school night to dress up their doors which are painted with chalkboard paint. It was RIDICULOUSLY cute.

It's kind of unfair that one school should be chock full of such cuteness and talent, I know. Don't be too sad...just go out there and shove Pinterest down your fellow teachers throats! :) You'll ( and They'll) be glad you did!

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  1. You are so right! Such cuteness! I love all of the ideas! Thanks to you and to your staff for sharing!

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