Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Link Up

This Friday finds me enjoying some girl time with my peanut.  Fins been wanting to sleep in my bed a lot lately and I do NOT want to start that. So I suggested that we have a sleepover on Friday and watch a movie on the dvd player in mommys room. Currently we are lounging in my bed watching Barbie: The Princess and the Pop Star and enjoying some popcorn.

First some cool news. I reached 100 followers last Friday, so I am going to be having a SWEET giveaway! I've had about 8 awesome bloggers offering to help me out as well. Come back on Sunday to register for a chance to win!

We actually had 3 whole days of school this scheduled day off for President`s day and then ANOTHER snow day! When I was grading math papers the other night I realized that of the 20 school days we should have had this semester, 10 of them have wound up being days off!

A couple of weeks ago I shared the winter people we made, but I never showed the bulletin board I made with it. Unfortunately, my hallway bulletin board is not large enough for student work so I usually decorate it with whatever theme I have hung up in the hallway. There are some bulletin boards that you use year to year.My winter board has never been the same in 6 years of teaching. But this one is so cute I might do it again next year.

We have been studying forces. motion and simple machines in science. I bought a packet from Common Core and So Much More during the Super Bowl sale and we have been using that. You can get yours HERE. Tuesday we did a push and pull scavenger hunt where the students looked for things in the room that we push and things that we pull. They put a sticky note on them and then recorded it on a Venn diagram. One of my favorites was a student put a sticky note on a tissue because we PULL out tissues. It was great. I highly recommend this packet if you are looking for one on this topic.

Today we learned about using comparison symbols ( greater than, less than, and equal). When I learned about this my teacher compared the symbols to alligator mouths and that stuck. So today we made alligator mouths to practice comparing two numbers. They were super simple to make. I  cut strips of construction paper that the kiddo's fastened with paper fasteners. Then I let them draw teeth on using a black marker. I wrote two numbers ( or two number sentences) on mini white boards. I placed them around the room and had the kids rotate through. At each one they chose the greater number. I really liked this activity because I was able to see immediately who was getting it and who wasn't. Plus after having inside recess this morning they NEEDED to move!

I'm on a hot chocolate kick, what with it being winter and having a bajillion snow days. So we have done these two crafts/ writing projects.

One was a how-to writing about how to make hot chocolate.
No these are not all of the writings. I have WAY more than 12 students.
 This is a close up of one of my favorite writings.

The other thing we worked on today was adjectives. We brainstormed adjectives that would describe hot chocolate ( with marshmallows). We came up with a great list. Then each student chose one word to use in a sentence about their noun ( either hot chocolate or marshmallow). I put these out in the hallway too. How do you like my free hand mug? I'm eh about it. But over all I think it turned out cute.

 A close up of my super cute sign. Love this font. I found it on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can get it HERE.

 This is a close up of one of the peanuts writings.
Ok, well speaking of peanuts, I need to go back and join mine for our sleepover. So I am going to go link up now. Check out DOODLE BUGS TEACHING and TEACHING MADDENESS for their Friday link ups.
 Remember to check back Sunday for my great 100 follower giveaway. :)


  1. Great alligator mouths, I never thought about making little alligators! Love the mommy & me time, there's nothing more meaningful, & they wouldn't trade the world for it...neither would I!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

    1. Amy,
      I am LOVING the independence of this age and all the cool things we are able to do together. We both had a great time...aside from a few times when I woke up to half of her being draped across me. LOL!

      The alligator mouths were SO simple and easy to make. ( Probably 2 minutes prep time and 7-8 minutes of them making them...just because some needed help with their paper fastener.)

  2. A push and pull scavenger hunt sound like a lot of fun!

    Live Love Laugh and Teach!

    1. It was fun Stacy. They really enjoyed themselves and the best part: they were up and moving and having authentic conversations. Loved it!

    2. Also, you should come back this week and check out my giveaway. :)

  3. Hi, sorry I couldn't send you an yahoo account is locked!:( I can still receive e-mails, I just can't send them out...hopefully it's just for today-

    Yes, I would love to participate in your giveaway:)
    I will donate my newest item...

    Congratulations & thanks for letting me participate:)


    1. Awesome! Thanks SO much Dinah! ( I will have people follow your blog, TPT store, and facebook page to enter.)

  4. Jean,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, following, and leaving such sweet comments! I am also your newest follower and look forward to learning lots of new things from you! (Like the cute, little alligator mouth! I've always used that, but never thought to make one so cute!)

    1. Thanks Robin! Like I said they really were SUPER easy to make. Stop back by and enter my 100 follower giveaway! :)


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