Saturday, March 2, 2013

Winner, Winner, Sunday Dinner! :)

Well, I was just so darn excited I had to see who won each of the items. :)

And the winners are...

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Entry #87Crystal S.

Entry #82Lori R.

Entry #177Cherie M.

Entry #312Julia S.

Entry #215Carly W.

Entry #244Rachael S.

Entry #365Jessica L.

Entry #288Jessica A.
The items will be given away in corresponding order to the names. For example, my $10 gift card is listed first and will go to Crystal, the second thing listed is 2 items from Suntan and Lesson plans and that will go to Lori and on down etc.
Thanks to all who entered!
As a thank you, I have a non-fiction text features freebie for everyone that I will be adding to this post this afternoon :) I'd stay up and add it but I have a 3 year old who awakens at 8 on the weekends like clockwork.
Thanks again friends. I am just so tickled by the generosity of the bloggers who donated and thankful that 139 of you think I'm cool enough to click the follow button. :)

Update: Guess what? Can't get the freebie from my home computer because I deleted the email I sent to myself!!!! It will be on here TOMORROW along with my Monday Made It link up about our 100th day. I will be emailing my generous donors with email address for the awesome winners, so be expecting an email soon. :)

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  1. Waahhhooooo! I never win these giveaways! I am THRILLED to have been chosen (I know it was random, but I still feel honored!) :)

    Thanks Jean!

    Joy in the Journey


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