Saturday, July 13, 2013

Favorite Pins Linky

Happy Saturday Friends!
To say I have an addiction to Pinterest miiiiiiggghht be an understatement. At my school I am the Pinterest queen. So much so that when an opportunity to create some Descartes Pinterest boards for a local university came up my principal personally tracked me down to ask me to participate. Of course I said YES!
Also, I was TOTALLY hating on the new style for Pinterest UNTIL this little gem popped up:
Pssst! Looks like you already pinned this to Christmas Ideas.
THAT IS GENIUS! I know I do that ALL the time. I am now a new style convert! :)
So I have been wanting to link up with FIRST GRADE PARADE for Favorite Pins Friday for awhile now and I am glad to finally have the chance today. You can click the links underneath each picture to go directly to their sites. ( PS: These pins are totally random!)

 #1 Back to School Pin
This would be so cute for our back to school open house. I like to have a little treat for my kids sitting at their seat so that I can see at the end of open house night whirlwind who came and who didn't.
                                                       Free Paper Lunch Bag Back-to-school Backpack Craft for Kids  CUTEEEE!!!
#2 Reading/ Nerdy Husband Pin
When I saw this pin I KNEW I had to pin it. I always have boys in my class who like Star Wars but my husband is a HUGE Star Wars fan. ( He still collects Star Wars memorabilia and has an entire room in our house just for his collection, no joke!) This would be the perfect day to have him come in his Darth Vader costume ( yes, we went as Star Wars characters for Halloween one year) and read to the class. I am psyched about it!
                                                        Star Wars Reads Day Returns October 5, 2013 |
#3 Wedding Pin
No, I am not getting married.  But my brother is and I am in the wedding. So I have a board for stuff for my soon to be S.I.L's shower/bachelorette party/wedding day. This one was SO cute. I am not sure they are actually going to do this but it was too cute not to pin. 
#4 Outside Pin
Someday in the near future we need to redo our patio. The stones are starting to loosen and the cement in between them is coming up. I think we have about one more year with it and then we will need to do something different. The only problem is I don't like any of the stone options out there right now. But this I LOVE!
#5 Classroom Pin
I LOOOOOOVE this birthday beach bulletin board. I have used the same birthday poster for the past 6 years and I definitely think it is time for something different.


#6 Washi Tape Pin

I know everyone is obsessed with using decorative tape to cutesy up things and I am no exception. I SUPER love the washi tape on the clip in this picture. And even though I don't use these color combinations in my room I really love the yellow and red together.

#7 Free Font Pin

Ok, now a disclaimer with this font. It is for personal use only. BUT there are SO many cute ones ( I am using a sea themed one to make a name sign for my door) that you could use to make things for your classroom or home.

#8 Bathroom Pin

We recently got back from a vacation with my family that has inspired me to include in my 10 year plan to own a house on the water somewhere. I love this bathroom SO much. Everything about it makes me happy. This will appear in that someday vacation house... someday. :)

#9 Christmas Pin
Do I even need to say it again? I LOVE Christmas. So much so that my daughters middle name is Noel ( spelled exactly like below to be even more Christmas-y). I collect Noel decorations for her to have when she grows up. This isn't exactly a decoration but I still love it.
#10 Funny Pin
I leave you with this pin that cracks me up. One of my girlfriends, who I have known since high school, recently told me that she is pregnant so I thought this was perfect to share... No, she did not say it this way. :)

In other Pinterest news, I figured out how to add a button for you to go directly to my Pinterest boards. It is on the side by my permission to pin sign. I ALSO figured out how to add a pin it button to the images in my post. So I will be adding that from now on. Every time I figure out one more piece of this blogging technology puzzle I feel such a rush. :)

Enjoy your Saturday! I am off to finish grocery shopping and probably some laundry...don't be jealous. ;)



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  1. I love the wedding pin! Where was pinterest when I was planning my wedding eight years ago?! It could be a cute way to do a first day of school picture with my students. Love your blog- I'm your newest follower!


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