Friday, August 16, 2013

Five For Friday and The BEST Sale of the Year!

Happy Five for Friday Friends!

#1. ( This is a linky within a linky!)
I am taking a break from working on my classroom to share about my week AND THE SALE OF THE YEAR?! What might that be you ask? Oh, just a little thing called.....


I will be participating in this awesome sale as both a seller....everything in my store 20% off....and as a buyer! You know I cant pass up those awesome deals!

So first off I wanted to link up with WHERE THE WILD THINGS LEARN for her TPT sale linky.


My number one wish listed item and one of my best sellers is my Shopping at the School Store: Finding and Estimating the Sums of 2 and 3 Digit Numbers pack. ( Geesh! That's a LONG title!)


It comes with 6 different instruction and recording sheets so you can level your students independent practice based on the skills they need more work on. Here is an example of one of the instruction pages and recording sheets.


These are some pictures of it " in action" in my classroom.

 My second most wish listed item is also my newest. It is my Making Text Connections packet.
 I don't have any classroom photos of it in use...yet. But I will DEFINITELY be using it this year.
OH SO MUCH to choose from. I will not even tell you the amount on my wish list because it is A-LOT!
But one of the things I have moved from said wish list to my shopping cart is
This is by That's So Second Grade and I am IN LOVE with it! You can get it here.
Moving on from the Linky Party...
Thursday nights are my girls night. My best friend and I hang out and watch bad TV and eat junk. And usually I put her to work. Tonight's project was cutting out the labels for my FISH ( Friday Information Sent Home) folders and gluing them on.
 We also watched one of my FAVORITE bad movies. Grease 2.
 My favorite part: Cool Rider! Seriously if you have never seen this movie at least watch this clip. It's great!

Peanut and I spent most of our day today working in my room. I am LOVING how this area looks.


 #4 This is another area that is really coming together well.
But I have a question.
See the brown nightstand in the picture. I am wondering if I should paint it? And if so what color? I have kind of reached that point in summer where my creativity and my brain are starting to go. Thoughts?????

I hit over 1,000 Facebook likes the other night and I am PSYCHED! I am working on a fan freebie currently and hope to have it up tomorrow. :)
Well, that is all from me. Link up with Doodlebugs Teaching and share about your week.


  1. You should paint it to match the chair. Maybe blue and paint the drawer front green? Or vice versa? ORRRRR... how artsy are you? You could paint it blue and paint ocean animals on it. That would be AWESOME!!!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  2. I'm with Angela - paint most of it blue and add green accents to match the chair. Oh, and Grease used to be my favorite movie of all time. Grease 2 is one of those movies I love to laugh at. Gotta love Cool Rider and the Fallout Shelter - ha!
    Stories by Storie

  3. My first thought was to paint it to match your chair (but that might be a little TOO "matchy-matchy") Maybe a complimentary solid color in contrast to the chair?

  4. So I'm going to be devil's advocated here and say the complete opposite of the previous posts - don't pain it. Why?
    1) neutral wood furniture works with all colors - it's just like neutral shoes with a colorful top 2) do you really have time? It takes a heck of lot of time to paint furniture correctly.
    3) the wood goes with the wood of your easel and the back of your desk. It blends in, not sticks out. If you paint it, then the chair next to it will be less of a pop, less cute.
    That's my three cents :) You're room is so cute, no need to give yourself more work!
    ~ Kristin

  5. It is fine... blends in really. Don't worry about it!! I love your punctuation cards. I looked in your store but didn't see them. Are they yours??

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

    1. Erin,
      They aren't. I wish they were. :)
      Here is the link for them.

  6. Thanks everyone for your opinions. I think I am going to go with Kristin and leave them...although I am not sure I wont take the handle off and paint that. I appreciate it.


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