Saturday, January 11, 2014

Five For Friday

Happy Saturday Friends!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. I am ACTUALLY participating in Five For Friday this week. ( Yes, I know it's Saturday, but better late than never....Especially since it was never for MONTHS now!)

If you want to join in all the fun head over to DOODLEBUGS TEACHING and join in. 

So this week was our first week back after our Christmas break. I was not really feeling ready to go back and I guess God was listening because we got hit with FUH-REE-ZING cold weather. SO, we got two days off of school. :)

Peanut and I decided that while we had some extra fresh snow laying around we would make snow ice cream. Iused to make this with my aunt when I was little. I think you can tell by the smile on her face that she loved it. :)

 We also had a snow day the day BEFORE break ( so I really got 2 1/2 weeks off). The only thing is, that is the ONLY day of the year that I DON'T want a snow day because we get to wear jammies, comfy read, open presents, make crafts, and watch Polar Express in the afternoon. Basically the most awesome day of the year. :) 

We rescheduled it for this Friday. I wish I could share all the cutey-cute pics of my Little Beans in their jams. You will have to settle for this impromptu wehavetogetourkidsfromrecessasapquicksmile picture of me and my grade level team. :) 

( Super bummer that we took this pic AFTER one of my teamies student teachers left. She was wearing FOOTIE jammies. SO cute!)

Last weekend I took part in a Facebook Freebie hop with some of my FAVE bloggers. I hit over 500 followers on this blog. So you know I am going to have to do SOME sort of giveaway as a thank you. :)

The Facebook Freebie Hop was just the thing I needed to get me back into the groove of creating and blogging. Not only did I create this for the hop

( And if you missed it, it is in my TPT store now. You can get it here.) 

But I also finished something I have been working on since the beginning of the school year. 

I like to change my kiddo's seats monthly and I like to change their desk name plates when I move their seat. I started creating this product for myself at the beginning of the year ,and have been adding to it each month for my own use. After creating the freebie for the hop I got inspired and finished it. You can see that there are over 20 different kinds of name plates. It might be my favorite product of mine. :) 
This is also in my TPT store and you can get it HERE. 

( Like my numbers? The background is by DOTS OF FUN and the Numbers are LITTLE RED.)

Finally I just HAD to share my find from last night. I am not as extreme as some people, but I do stockpile gifts ( for my whole family) and clothes for my peanut. I know a lot of people know about clothing or after season decoration sales ,but one of the things that I discovered after Christmas last year was that many stores also mark their toys down. 

I have been stocking up on items for my Peanut and I already have her Valentines presents done.... Yes, we do  presents for Valentines day in my house. :) 

So anyways, last night I was shopping and found this Ariel play set for 75% off! I paid only $12.50! ( I know what the Easter Bunny will be bringing her this year.) 

So that was my week. I am glad I was finally able to share! 
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I loved your facebook hop! (I'm a second grade teacher, too!) I hopped along loads of friends, and found some new ones as well!

    Sally from Elementary Matters


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