Friday, July 11, 2014

Instagram and My Apologies

How true is that E-Card. Am I right?!

First off, I want to do the "I'm a horrible blogger song and dance," because I am. Until tonight I have been COMPLETELY unmotivated to do anything blogging or TPT related this summer. Mostly because at the very tip top of the ol' bucket list was to spend time with my Peanut this summer. She starts Kindergarten in the fall ( WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!?!?!!?) and so I decided that this was going to be a Peanut and Mommy summer. We have had a great time so far. We did Vacation Bible School at my church. We have gone to the downtown theater every Thursday for their summer kids movies, gone on lots of bike rides and just basically enjoyed one another's company. 

Suddenly though, motivation has struck me again. You know something I can't stand is people having fun without me. Ha! Can you say social butterfly here?! I saw that Blog Hoppin was having a photo scavenger hunt on Instragram and since getting an Instagram account has been on my bloggy to do list since forever ago I decided now was the perfect time. My user name is robinsonj2004 if you want to follow me. 

In other creating news, I am going through my MAP/ NWEA Binders and starting on my list of things to make from that. I am also working on a massive post with how I prep for MAP that I am going to post closer to the start of school. 

Thanks for sticking around Diving Into 2nd Grade. I appreciate it!


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