Sunday, November 2, 2014

Currently November

Oh my word. August???? Really? That was the day of my last post.

I can't even tell you how many posts I have started since then that I have not finished. I feel like I have read a lot of posts on blogs and Facebook from people who have been in my same boat of just not feeling the blogging thing. I wish I was more frequent with it, but I am a Gemini and we are really passionate about things for short bursts of time. :)

So tonight, since my husband is monopolizing the tv,  I am linking up with Farley for her November Currently. 

Listening: Usually my hubby, my brother, and my sister in law get together on Sunday nights and watch The Walking Dead while I make a swift exit....can't stand Zombies. Tonight they aren't coming over so he has decided to watch some horrible sci fi movie with Tom Cruise...both of which I also can't stand. :) 

Loving: On Friday, because having a Harvest Party ( our version of a Halloween party) at school and the promise of trick or treating that night wasn't enough to make my kiddo's crazy we also got the first snow of the season! It didn't stick, but it was still exciting. 

Thinking: Of course, if you have ever read a post by me you know I absolutely LUH-HUV Christmas. Some of my blogging buddies and I are doing a Secret Santa gift exchange and I am SO psyched about it. I also just got my Beans presents from Santa this weekend too, so I definitely have Christmas on the brain. :) 

Wanting: I love, love, love puffy vests. I wear one at least 2-3 times a week starting in Mid October and going as long as possible. (Usually in Michigan I can make it through about April.) I have two blue, one black, one brown, and one red. I REALLY, REALLY want this super cute blue and white checked one from J Crew Factory. 

But my clothing budget does not allow for $98 to be spent on a vest. I mean really? Its basically like a puffy tank top. ;)

I was hoping to get a white one this weekend from a couple of different places that were having sales but neither Old Navy nor Lands End had the one I wanted. :( 

Needing: I think everyone feels this way on a Sunday night, but since June my weekends have been RIDICULOUSLY overbooked. I just need an extra day or two to get some projects done. 

Reading: I actually just finished rereading the whole Hunger Games Series in preparation of the new movie coming out this month. And yes, I got my tickets the day they were available.  And yes, I am going to the marathon cause that's how I roll! :) 

Enjoy the last bits of your Sunday friends!


  1. It was fun to read your blog! I am originally from Michigan (Sterling Heights, graduated from CMU). I also have read the Hunger Games series and loved it!
    My blog is Have a great November!

  2. I've been debating back and forth about going to the Hunger Games marathon...LOVE the books and movies!


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