Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One More Christmas Bulletin Board

Can you tell how much I love Christmas? I have 3 posts on it! :) This is a super cute bulletin board that I had not done in some time either. ( Recycling at it's finest here folks!) Anyway, a long time ago back in my Title 1 days I made this paper fireplace. (It was so big that I have it in two peices so it would fit on the laminator!) I get stockings when they go on sale after Christmas so they cost like 25 cents a peice, if that. Then I put the kid's initials on them with glitter glue. I also get little pencils, stickers, cards etc at the after Christmas sales too and then slowly add them to the stockings. The kiddo's can see that they are getting full but don't know what it is going in them. Then I let the kids take them home with them the day before break. The background for all of this was some fun red and white striped wrapping paper and my border is this really cool pine tree branch with lights print. I try to do Christmas lights as the"theme" in my room because I feel like it is a way to incorporate Christmas without offending anyone. :)

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