Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Singing For Joy

This is my December hallway bulletin board. Our charecter trait this month is Joy. I found the carolers in a December holidays book. For the kids I made copies that they could color and then paste to their handwriting page. For the big carolers I kept blowing them up on the printer until they were the space I needed. Then I colored and laminated them to use again. The students writing assignment was "something that brings me joy is...." Then they wrote about things that bring them joy, like reading to a little sister or spending time with family. I love my bulletin board trim too. I like to decorate with lights because it gives a Christmas feeling without going overboard. I have a small bulletin board so if I want to display students work I have to do it above their lockers. You can also see the locker tags I made which are from a bigger Christmas lights diecut. This is quite possibley my favorite bulletin board I have ever made.

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