Monday, January 9, 2012

Snowman Stainglass

This is a cute craft we did for project Friday. I ordered snowman dyecuts from our REMC provider to make these.  They also have a mitten and a snowflake that I thought would be cute but they weren't available. ( Guess I will have to order earlier next time.) So I gave the kids choice through the color of their construction paper.
You will need construction paper ( in seasonal colors), wax paper, tissue paper, and a glue stick ( not pictured).
Fold the construction paper in half and cut out your image.

Glue the pieces of tissue paper onto the wax paper.

You want to overlap the peices of tissue paper to create a stainglass effect.

Trim down the wax paper to fit inside of the construction paper and then glue the two sides together.

Then hang the finished product up in a window. The wax paper allows the light to shine through just like a pane of glass would. I hung these up at the end of our hallway so everyone could enjoy them.

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