Monday, July 16, 2012

Linking Up...Hooray for Picture Books!

One of the many teacher blogs I love, The Teacher Wife ( you can follow it here ) is having a fun linking party about picture books. You make a list of your top 5 with a link for others to be able to purchase said book. I thought it sounded like a fun way to spend my evening so here we go. My Top 5 Picture Books.

If you want to create your own list you can ALSO link up here:

1. Where the Wild Things Are

When Mr. Robinsons was a little boy he was very much a WILD THING! I imagine that he was very much like Max with a wild imagination and footy pajama's. :) During our 6 traits IDEA's unit I love to read this book to the kiddo's and get them in on the wild rumpus. Then we create and write about our own wild things.

Here is a link to buy this book:

2. Strega Nona
Strega Nona
I mentioned this in a previous post but when I was paying my dues as a sub 7 years ago there was a teacher who had the cutest reading corner set up. It was so "teachery" and made me want my own classroom SO badly. The books in her little wicker basket were all Strega Nona books. I have always loved Strega Nona but after that moment the book really solidified itself as a favorite.

Here is a link to buy this book:

3. Sugar Cookies
Sugar Cookies: Sweet Little Lessons on Love

One of my best friends and my daughters godmother, Leah ( Mrs. V. the librarian for all you CCA folk) got this book for her a couple of Christmas' ago. It is the CUTEST kid friendly explanation of charecter traits all within the context of making cookies. ( In fact if I ever switch to a lower grade my room theme will be Sugar Cookies.) Some examples are: "Endearment means come here my sugar, my cookie, my sweet little morsel" and " Compassionate means that when you burn the cookies to a crisp, I'll be there to give you a hug". There is also a Christmas Cookies book. This was one of the first books that Finley really loved.

Here is a link to buy this book:

4. Caps for Sale

Caps for Sale Big Book (Reading Rainbow Book)

I am not sure why I love this book so much. It has strong school connotations for me so it must have been in one of my elementary school teacher's classrooms. When I see this book I just think " ahhh, school".

Here is a link to buy this book:

5. Miss Rumphius

Miss Rumphius

The illustrations in this book are simply gorgeous! My copy is very dogeared as the pages were bent back many a time over the years playing school.

Here is a link to buy this book

Honorable Mention:

I would feel guilty if I left either Lily's Purple Plastic Purse or Chrysanthemum off this list....These are both fun books to read aloud to the kiddo's and good discussion starters for charecter traits.


  1. I love Miss Rumphius too!

    1. Heather, love the writing idea you use to accompany the book. I am now following your awesome blog.

  2. You made such a great list!

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