Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Made It

Hey, all! Hope you made it through your Monday relatively unscathed. I came in this morning really raring to go and by the end of the day I could have used a few shots of espresso to keep me going! I am linking up with Tara for February's Monday Made It. I have a couple of things that I made a while ago and just haven't had time to share and then an update to something that makes it look tres cute in my opinion.

First up I have my non-fiction text features poster that I made using a couple of Scholastic Newspapers. I got the idea off of Pinterest. It was from the blog What's Happening in Literacy. You can check that out HERE. I made mine a little more 2nd grade friendly. It took me along time, mostly because I am an uber perfectionist. In normal people time it should have taken an hour or took me almost 3.

Next, I have something that was WAY cuter inside my head ,but I love the IDEA of what I did here. This is part of my AR tracking system. The picture on the left has the full view. The one on the right is the close up of the student clips. I drew a little worm on each one. Like I said, cuter in my head. I think for next year I will be on the look out for some little caterpillar or worm wooden cutouts or something. If you have any suggestions for me I will take them! :)
 My last share I am SUPER excited about.  I found this picture on pPnterest last year. It's just an uploaded by user photo so if you know who it is by I will happily give credit to it.

So, last year I made this version of it. I took a keyboard, stuck it on the printer and after a little trial and error made this. ( The paper keypad is glued to a file folder and then laminated.) I stapled blank pages to the top for my kiddo's because I was short on white board markers last year and thought they would last longer this way. They write their spelling word on the top and then " type" the word out on the keypad. My kiddo's last year went nuts for them.
I was going through my station stuff on Friday and came across the paper laptops and thought it would be a good idea to pull those out. But then I decided to jazz up the top a little. Today I made this.

I found a computer clip art in Microsoft word that I enlarged. Then I added a text box for the words to practice and VOILA! Total Cuteness! I love how it looks now. I can't wait to introduce this at the ABC/ Word Work Station. I think this year's peanuts will go nut's ( haha, that's Punny!) for them too.

I am super bummed because I was going to have a BOGGLE board to share too, but the laminator at school was out of lamination. I was super bummed for about two seconds and then I remembered! I HAVE a laminator because my super awesome husband got me one for Christmas. So after I put the Finners to bed tonight I am going to bust that baby out and laminate for the first time. I am pretty excited. You'll just have to wait for that until next month I guess. :)

Enjoy the rest of your week friends!


  1. I just started using a keyboard as a word study activity this year too! We also use the BBC Dance Mat Typing Program - the kids love it.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  2. How cute is that AR Goal fishing line! I think it turned out great!

    I saw that pin with the keyboard as well and I think that's such a great idea!! We don't do spelling at my school (can you believe that? Because they just KNOW how to spell, right? super sarcasm) or I would do that too!

    I just bought a $28 laminator from Target TODAY that I'm about to bust out too. Our laminator at school is always off (whaaat?) or it just takes me so long to do that I can't fit it in or I forget! I have more time at home when the kids are in bed to do it!

    Your blog is adorable!! I can't believe I wasn't already following!
    Collaboration Cuties


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