Sunday, February 3, 2013


Sometimes with all of things I have learned while blogging and using Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest I start to feel really tech savvy...and then my husband updates our computer and I can't find something as simple as PowerPoint and I am completely stumped and helpless. He has the computer set up so that we each have our own accounts. This way we can keep our own Facebook and email pages up without having to constantly log in and out of each others. Turns out he had only added the PowerPoint to HIS account. Problem solved and I am FINALLY able to link up with FARLEY for February's Currently! Geesh, and at this point I am like number 250 or something! Oh well. There is always next month to crack the top 100. LOL!
LISTENING: Any other " Gleeks" out there? I am a huge fan of Glee. I love musical theater so I immediately knew this would be a show I would like when it first came on. I really loved the first 3 seasons. This season is just so transitional...I am not as into it as I was. However, one of my favorite song moments was this season when everybody broke up and they sang The Scientist on stage and did the flashbacks...I am SUCH a sucker for a flashback scene. :) I saved that episode on my DVR for the longest time before I realized, duh, I can just YouTube it. So I do. And I listen to it on repeat. Over and over.
LOVING: I am such a huge fan of TPT. It really has changed the way I teach SO much. I am so inspired by the creativity and generosity of my fellow teachers. And I LOVE a good sale. So I of course had to shop...and shop I did! I purchased spring and summer station activity packs by AMY LEMONS, a forces and motion mini unit by COMMON CORE AND SO MUCH MORE, a snowflake measuring activity, _ed and _ing packet, and double and triple digit addition and subtraction with regrouping by THE TEACHER WIFE, and elapsed time math problems by ERICA BOHRER. ALL for a grand total oooooofffffff......$24.84. That's a steal!
THINKING/ NEEDING: If you read my Friday post you will know that we had school 1 day last week....1 day! We have a 5 day week coming up tomorrow and conferences to reschedule. This week is going to last FOR-E-VER! ( Sandlot anyone?) Also, you will have noticed that in the many, many things I said I did over the snow days getting caught up on the laundry was not one of them. I NEED to do at least 4 loads today...gotta get on that!
WANTING: I wanted either a Detroit Tigers case or something black and white and pretty for my Kindle case. I found some great Tigers one's, but they are only for the back and I need something that will protect the screen and let it sit up too....and I haven't found anything else that I really like. The hubs found me a sweet deal on a pack of Kindle accessories on Amazon for $40 ( originally $80) but its just a plain black case. * Sigh* I'll probably get it anyways....and I wonder why my daughter acts like such a princess! LOL!
PET PEEVES: I actually have quite a few pet peeves. One of my HUGEST ones is rudeness. I teach my kids ( biological and educational) that politeness will get them SO far in life. I think being a polite hardworking person will get you farther than any amount of smarts will. Saying please and thank you is a must have, both in my home and my classroom. My second biggest pet peeve is my peanuts who STILL DO NOT PUT THEIR NAME ON THEIR PAPER! By 2nd grade they have been doing this for 2 FULL YEARS! It should be as automatic to them as breathing...yet somehow, it is not. What really peeves me though is when I remind them and then say to double check and I still have a paper without a name on it. Any suggestions and I will take them. :)
Ok, so if you are like one of the 4 people who haven't yet, head over to Farley's blog and link up. ( Click on her name on the top of my post).
Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends!


  1. Cute blog. I totally understand about this being such a long week...I do hope that it's not as long as last week though..ugh!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  2. I try to instill politeness in my kiddos as well. It's not always easy! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am a new follower!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  3. I am a huge Glee fan too - I agree with you on this season - it just isn't as good as it has been for some reason.

  4. I like Glee, too! I watched the first two seasons, that missed last year, but have been watching again this season. I always get drawn in by their great voices.

    I am so jealous that you had snow days last week!
    Learning in the Little Apple

  5. i wanted a Kansas City Royals Case for mine and couldn't find any that I liked. Instead I went with a light blue polka dot one. Nothing like a Royals one, but I like blue. :)

    I am also extremely jealous of your snow days. Although I do not want to make up any more days, I REALLY, REALLY love days off. Plus, I am so ready for spring. lol

    Hope you have a great Tuesday. :)


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