Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Link Ups

Ok, linking up again to share my week.

 Now let me preface this by saying DON'T HATE ME! but I have had the easiest week ( work wise) ever! Sunday night we had some snowy sleety weather, which resulted in a snow day on Monday that I welcomed with open arms! We had had a super busy weekend at Casa Robinson and we had conferences scheduled for this week so I still had some progress reports to work on. Plus I was able to go to the gym, return some packages to the post office,  clean my house a little from our family game night on Saturday, and play with my new Kindle.:) P.S. ( If you have any suggestions for me on what apps to get go HERE).

Cut to Tuesday morning, more slushy rain and another snow day! It was my sister's birthday so we celebrated with her, I finished a new book on my kindle, and did some general cleaning. I enjoyed that day immensely as well.

Cut to Wednesday morning AAAAAANNNND! ANOTHER day off! Usually on a snow day I take Fin to McDonalds for a breakfast treat so since we hadn't done that yet we got our usual ( the "sandwich with a hole") and then I organized my stockpile of her clothes 4T and 5T. I enjoyed myself, but I was ready to go back.

 Cut to Thursday morning AAAAAANNNNDDD! SCHOOL! HOORAY! My little peanut and I had had about enough of each others faces at this point. She wanted to play with her friends and I wanted to play with my friends. :) Plus I had my late night of conferences scheduled for last night so I was glad to not have to reschedule that. Now, because we were supposed to have conferences this week we had a scheduled day off for Friday ( today) and so I enjoyed this day of. I'm too the peanut to daycare, went to the gym and school for a little bit and then headed off for a movie, a little shopping, and dinner with my BFF! :) See, EASIEST.WEEK.EVER!

So this is what my week looked like.

1. I started making muffin tin breakfasts for Fin this summer. She loves them. So I made them for her on Monday and Tuesday. I took her picture with them the first couple of times I made them, so now she expects it. However, when we stage a picture she has the most forced smile. But I chose this picture because you can see what weird things we put in her tin. She LOVES black olives so those are in there. They were jumbo and she put them on her fingers and ate them off like Bugles. ( Anybody else ever do that?) She also has pickles, ranch dip, yogurt, strawberries, and a banana. She helps me pick out foods to put in there and as long as they are healthy I put them in. ( Hence this interesting breakfast combo!)

2. Tuesday was my sister's birthday and since we didn't have school we met her, my mom and my grandma for lunch at Applebee's. I jokingly refer to my sister as Finley's real mom because Fin looks SO much like Julie did when she was little. This is them sharing Aunt Juju's birthday desert.


3. On Wednesday I mentioned going through my 4T stockpile. I had 4 LARGE garbage bags, and 2 boxes full of stuff that I paired down into 3 totes ( which still seems like a ton, but when I think about how it is a full years- spring, summer, fall and winter- wardrobe it doesn't seem so bad.) This is the amount that I decided not to keep and I sold it on a local mom swap site. This was an ALL day project!


4. I try to focus on an author every month or so. So far we have studied Tomie De Paola, Marc Brown, and Jan Brett. This month we are doing Ezra Jack Keats who I LUH-HUV! I love his illustrations. I love how socially conscience he was. Most of all, I love that his stories are definitely written at a level that 2nd graders can read independently, but they have interesting ,well written storylines.
One of the first books we read was The Snowy Day. Afterwards we did the Winter Craftivity by Amy Lemons that I posted about last week. You can check that out HERE. Last week Friday we read Goggles. Goggles is one of my favorites because it is one of the first EJK books I ever read. I remember loving the illustrations even as a child.

Get your own copy HERE.

After reading Goggles I put an activity for them to do at the pocket chart station. I do not remember where I got this idea from, other than it was something I purchased from Scholastic two years ago. If someone finds it I will happily give credit. They buddy read the book. Then they talk about what they would do if they found motorcycle goggles while they decorate a face and goggles. They write a first copy and peer edit and then write their final copy. I like this because it gives them a chance to be creative and gets them reading and writing. ( I made this photo extra large so you could read all the pieces.)

5. As I mentioned earlier, my best friend Rhea and I went to see Breaking Dawn part 2 today. Don't judge, but this was my 4th time watching it. We went on opening day and watched all 5 movies in the theater as part of a marathon. It is JUST SO GOOD! This has one of my favorite movie endings of all time. I think my favorite part is actually the credits! I don't mind admitting that I LUH-HUV Twilight.

 So, there you have my SUPER easy week. Not a lot of education happening, but Fin and I got some good mommy/ daughter time which is just as important, if not more!

Link up with TEACHING MADDENESS and DOODLEBUGS TEACHING and tell us about your week.

Happy Friday friends!


  1. Seriously? ONE DAY OF SCHOOL?! Do you have to make any of those up? Glad you were able to enjoy the time with your sweet girl!
    Have a great weekend!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  2. I am going to do a muffin tin dinner/treat for my girls, even though they are a little old - I just love that idea.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  3. Wow! I'm super jealous of your easy week! Well, I am not, but not if you have to make those days up in warm weather. :) As for Twilight, I can't judge. I was at every midnight showing, too...well, except for the last one since I was at a Madonna concert, but I did feel guilty about that! lol

    Teaching Maddeness

  4. First, I am super jealous of your week! That sounds like SO MUCH FUN! It has been in the 70s this week in Texas. Maybe now you are jealous of me? (Probably not!)

    Second, I am replying to the comment you left me on my blog because it said you were a nonreply blogger. I know it's hard to go back and check on you wrote. So, to answer your question: Yes. Telling me your schedule does help me organize mine. This weekend I hashed out a new schedule..had to move a few things around in order to fit it all in. Yes, I am playing with a new blog design just for February.

    Whew....Okay this comment it too long now. So sorry to babble on like this!

    I hope you have a great week!

    The Frizz

    The Frizz in First Grade

    1. I actually am still in the I like winter phase so no, 70 degrees does not evoke jealousy in me....yet. Give me a couple more weeks and then yes, totally! :)

      Do you know how I can set it up to be a reply blogger? I didn't know that I had that setting. Glad I helped, even a little. :)


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