Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday!!!!!! ( Link Ups)

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy....It's Friday!!!

These 5 day weeks seem to drag and fly by at the same time. Am I right?

Linking up with Teaching Maddeness and Doodlebugs Teaching for my Friday ritual.

I posted on my Facebook ( That's right! I have a Facebook page now and you can follow HERE) that I wished it was the weekend...I just wanted to blog stalk! :) And now it's here and I could not be happier.

So here is what went down this week...

First up! I am SUPER psyched to have placed something on TPT that isn't a freebie. I made a homophones book for my kiddo's to use. It took me forever, mostly because I am learning as I go, but it is done.

This is a picture I took of the cover. However, I realized after I printed it that there was a weird space between the word Homophone and the parenthesis. So I changed that. I think I *FINALLY* have the formatting all the same. It is $2 in my store. But I will give it away for FREE to the first 2 people who comment with their email address on this post. :)  If you are not one of the two and then you can go to my TPT store HERE and purchase it. 
This is a picture I snapped today of one of my peanuts working on their copy.

Last week I mentioned that our reading month theme was science related. Our Kindergarten Round Up ( like an open house for incoming Kindergarteners) always has the same theme as our reading month. These were a few super cute elements of that.
One of our Para pro's made this DNA strand that was hanging in the lobby area. 

And this was a periodic table of the elements that we made with pictures of the kids at our school. It's not all of them...there are over 300 kids in our building...but it is still WAY cute. 

Today we had more reading month activities. Today was dress like your favorite book character. This is me with my grade level team.  We had Pete the Cat ( with Pete Jr...called Re-Pete...ha-ha), Peter Pan and Clementine. ( I got a ton of compliments on my super curly hair today, but will probably never wear it that way again. I like my extra 20 minutes of sleep thankyouverymuch.)  
We also had an author come visit us today, Tyler Benson who wrote The Adventures of Onyx and The Guardians of the Straits. He is actually from Michigan and went to high school with one of our Kindergarten teachers.

You can get a copy HERE.

This week I was a winner in the CLOSING THE GAP IN A CUTE OUTFIT 100 follower giveaway. I won an item from IDEAS BY JIVEY. I chose her DIGGING FOR NON FICTION TEXT FEATURES activity. It fit in perfectly with both our writing and our comprehension this week. It is a book with pictures and explanation for 10 different non fiction text features. Then you cut out and paste the correct text feature on to the page. There is also a search that you can use with other texts. We are leaving these in our reading corner so that we can reference them when reading non fiction texts.

Finally, I leave you with these super cute "rose" cupcakes. One of my peanuts had a birthday today and her step mom MADE these. They were delicious.

WAIT! Before I go! I wanted to share with you a SUPER giveaway that I am a part of. My Best Bloggy Friend Angela over at Hippo Hooray For 2nd Grade is having a 200 follower giveaway...should seriously be 2,000! I highly recommend you hop on over and check out what she and the "bunnies" have been up to this week and join in her giveaway.

That's all for me tonight. I am off to bed. I'll be blog stalking in the morning. I can't wait to see what you all did this week:)


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    1. OK, I just had to post that one on its own to make sure I was in the top 2 lol! But seriously, I love it, and it would be perfect for my bunnies next week. LOVE the Clementine outfit too! :) And that 300 Kindergarten Elements BB... how long did that take to put together?! It is super cute! What a great idea :)

    2. Thanks! I was originally just going to go with a t-shirt with words ( because that was the other out of uniform option for the kids) ,but we started reading Clementine this week for our read aloud so it was perfect timing. No idea on how long it took. Usually I am on the set up committee and I don't actually make the decorations. I just hang them up. :)

  2. Ooh! Homophones! I love it!

    I also love Angela's above comments!

    Mindful Rambles

    1. Rae, Its on the way! :) Thanks for stopping by. Hope you like it. :)

  3. I love the idea of dressing like your favorite's on my to-do list!
    I am having a “Spring Break Bucket List” linky party...stop by and link up!

    Brigid Ann
    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

    1. OOO, I definitely will. I love a good linky party! :) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love the elements chart!! I also love doing character dress up days. My best costume - Paperbag Princess - so easy!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

    1. Excellent idea! I love the Paper Bag Princess! We haven't done a character dress up day in years at our school. I was glad they brought it back.
      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  5. Love your costumes!! I love any excuse to let me dress up in a costume! :) Congrats on your first paid item!!

    Teaching Maddeness

    1. Thanks Amanda! It will always have a special place in my heart. Some of the staff members didn't dress up...I don't understand that because I am all about being a little silly. The kiddo's love it so why not?!

  6. Congrats, Jean! I remember posting my first 'for sale' item on TPT and it was SO exciting and nerve racking. Then comes the waiting for a sale and feedback! :) Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    The Brown-Bag Teacher


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