Thursday, May 30, 2013

Classroom Quick Tips Linky #3

Happy Thursday Friends!

Angela and I are back with our weekly linky: Classroom Quick Tips.

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Every Thursday we will be hosting for you to link up with the quick tips that make your classroom run smoother. The only thing we ask is that you don't link up with a paid product. (Freebies are A-OK!) And if you do link up, please include our button so other's can know where to join in on the fun! :)

( Also, if you didn't know, we have a Pinterest board where we pin all of your awesome tips every week. You can check that out HERE.)

Here is my quick tip!

It involves how I store my punch out letters and numbers.

This year I got two sets of these small plastic drawers. They are the perfect size to hold those letter sets, especially if you are like me and you only punch out what you need.

I keep each color in its own gallon size Ziploc baggie.

Then I keep them in rainbow order in the drawers.

They are easily accessible to me. ( I don't have to move anything to get to them like I did in years past.) And it is easy to find which color I want since they are in order and you can see through the drawers as well.

So that is my quick tip. Next week I will share how one of my grade level partner stores her letters. 

Have a quick tip?

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  1. Oooh this is a good idea! I keep my letters in the gallon-sized bag, but then the bags get lost in my wardrobe closet AKA the abyss...

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!


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