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Happiest of Fridays friends! I haven't done a Friday post in 3 weeks!!! These past 3 weeks have been entirely consumed by 3 major things. First, was my husband covering 3rd shift and his ( and therefor ALL of ours) schedule was completely thrown off. Second, was my poor peanut and this horrible thing called allergy season. She got a cough that progressively got worse. In fact, it got so bad that we took her to the ER a little over a week ago because she was coughing so much she threw up! Her allergist prescribed a rescue was not the instant miracle I thought it would be but it definitely helped. I was finally able to sleep through the night again ( since she was too)...and I was doing it all alone which caused extra stress and tiredness ( see thing #1...awesome time for the hubs to work 3rd shift I know)

Poor peanut...looks so pathetic. :(
But the biggest thing that has been consuming my brain has been MAP testing! My peanuts finished this past Tuesday and I have never felt such relief before. We got to see our test results for the past 3 years and my math and language usage are good. ( This year they were GREAT! 100% of my kiddos met, with most exceeding, their math goal!) However, my reading has been consistently at about 60% of my kiddos meeting their goal. Any suggestions from those of you that take the MAP on what I could do to get that up for next year?

So! On to my 5 for Friday. I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching  for the Five for Friday link up. This is what went down in my neck of the woods this week.
First off, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.

I had to start this Five for Friday with a picture of my Morfor ( grandpa in Swedish). He celebrated his 90th birthday this year. He was a college professor ( at Ferris, my alma mater) and started a Chemistry program while he was there. The program was celebrating its 55th anniversary this year. So Ferris had a nice dinner and program to celebrate both.  There were several speakers ( including my Morfor). It was very neat to see how many of his former students came to see him and celebrate with him. ( Some from far away too!) It really warmed this teachers heart to see her Morfor being treated like a total rock star. People were lining up to take their picture with him.

My best friend Leah's daughter, Katie, went to prom on Saturday and she used my house as her home base. Then we took about a bazillion pictures of her, including this one of us ( including our other musketeer, Heather) and our daughters. I love these girls!
To celebrate MAP testing being done, and my kiddos were due for a class reward, I planned a pizza and movie afternoon for Wednesday. Then my daycare lady needed that day off to go to a funeral for an uncle. So I emailed my principal and asked him if Peanut could come to school with me in the afternoon and celebrate with us. He thought it sounded like fun, so that is what we did.  

She had such a good time eating pizza and then playing at recess with the kids. They were all so kind to her and all of the girls wanted to hold her hand and play with her. ( At one point I looked over and saw at least 4 of my girls holding on to her in some sort of way...even holding the end of her braid and shirt sleeve! LOL!)  When she went out for recess and ran right away from me to go play with the kids it was sort of comforting. I got a small glimpse into her actually being at school...and I loved the confidence she had. ( It's coming...WAY too soon. One more year and she will be starting Kindergarten! Crazy how time flies!)

It was very exciting in Room 29 today as this...

...Has become this!

Today we took those dollar store find clay pots I posted about a couple of weeks ago and painted them for mothers day.  These are all of the materials that you will need to paint the pots. I used craft paint. It costs about 80 cents at the store.

Some shots of them painting their pots.

After they dried we planted a flower inside of them....

And this is what they took home to their momma's today. They turned out really cute.

Peanut is going to be doing the same thing for her grandma and aunts this weekend too.
Well, that is all for me...  Feels so good to be back with my usual Friday night ritual. Have a good weekend friends!

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  1. Your poor, sweet baby!! I want to reach through my computer and give her a big squeeze! Glad that she is on the mend.... and how fun is it that she got to come to school with you?! Pretty sure that wouldn't fly at my school :(
    My kids bombed the reading test too. So disappointing :( I took notes on the questions while they were taking them so I can make activities and review those skills for next year... NEXT YEAR... it has to get better next year!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!


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