Saturday, June 1, 2013

Currently: June!

Happy Saturday Friends! I hope yours has been more exciting than mine! I spent 5 hours at school today working on end of the year "stuff"...making sure that writing binders were organized and ready to go, working on my presentation for my new 2nd graders that are coming to visit on Monday, getting our end of the year booklets and summer work packets ready to go... PHWEW!

Taking a moment to do something fun and linking up with Farley for her monthly Currently linky party.

I know it is a little hard to see, but my cutie cute font is by Rowdy in Room 300. It is Rowdy Summer Fun! You can check it out HERE.

LOVING: My bestie raided my Pinterest board and got me these for my birthday. ( Only my scarf has my initials in yellow.)
Monogrammed Chevron ScarfOH MY GOSH! I MUST OWN!


THINKING: So even though I spent 5 hours in my room today, there is still SO MUCH TO DO before Friday. I will pretty much live at school this week to get everything done.

WANTING: I can not WAIT to hit up the local flea markets this summer to find some " junk". Both of my grandpa's were junk sale lovers and they both helped to inspire my love of antiques/ junk/ and sales in general. It is fun to pass that love on to Peanut.

NEEDING: Yes, my reading assessment class has been beneficial. But it is sucking EVERY LAST OUNCE of time out of my life. I have a list of about 20 things I want to make or do and I can't because I just do not have time. I NEED to be creative again!

3 VACAY ESSENTIALS: Pretty self explanatory. All the things that make life kid, some good food, and a good book and I am pretty set. :)

That's all for me. Have a great night and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Love the scarf. I bought a chevron gray/yellow/white print the other day. The added initials are cute. Here's hoping you can get all that end of the year stuff off your list and hit up a junk sale soon!

  2. Love the scarf and bracelet. Good luck on getting everything done by Friday. I think I will live in my room all week as well.
    Learning in Bliss

  3. I want that scarf! Adorable!!!

  4. That scarf is so pretty! I want one too!!

    It'll all get done... it always does :)

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  5. Well, belated birthday wishes! I made that same scarf - with yellow initials - for my daughter's college days. College colors are black and yellow - she likes a dose of gray now and then. (She used to be pink everything, but has grown into her college now.)With you on the need for creativity! Summer is 1.5 days away... :)


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