Saturday, August 10, 2013

Five For Friday

Happy Saturday Friends!

Today I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for her weekly Five for Friday linky. I was so excited when I saw it was back last week but I didn't have time to link up.  

Um, PS: This new button is SOOOOOO cute!
#1: Sunday: Family Reunion
Sunday was my family reunion. I know some people don't love going to theirs, but I do. My grandpa was one of 10 kids and so we have a HUGE family. We have DELICIOUS food ,we do all sorts of fun things like a penny scramble ( coins and candy in sawdust) and other games for the kids, and we do a raffle for cool crafts that people in my family make. Who wouldn't have a good time?
This is the 0-5 year old kids digging for treasures.
#2: Monday/ Tuesday: Math Training
So we are getting a new math curriculum this year, which I am SUPER excited about. We used to use Saxon Math and this year we are switching to Bridges. On Monday and Tuesday we had training for it. Which is good because it came with A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of stuff.
This is what I took home for " homework" after the training session. There are 12 binders in all! Yes, 2!!
It was an excellent training session. They don't have reps like traditional textbook companies do. The rep is an actual teacher who uses Bridges in their classroom. So she really knew what she was talking about.
Right now, I am really excited to use it. The only thing I don't really like, as opposed to our old curriculum, is that the components of the math meeting board ( or number corner) change monthly.  
If you have used or are using Bridges and have any tips for me, please let me know!
#3: Wednesday: Lamination Season is Upon Us
I brought this home Tuesday night and worked on cutting it all out on Wednesday. See Mondays post for the things I will be making with these.
I am one of those weirdo's who not only loves laminating I REALLY love cutting it out.
#4: Thursday: Trufant Flea Market
When I was growing up both of my grandpa's were big into antiques and " junk". My grandpa collected old tools and my morfar ( mothers father in Swedish) collected old coins. ( Both of them collected A  TON of other things too, but those were their main ones.) They would take me with them to yard sales or antique shops and it really is because of them that I love old junk so much. One of the places they took me to was a place called Trufant. It is a flea market that happens every Thursday morning in the summer. I have gone every summer since I was 13.  I am *cough and say it fast* 31 now. So I have been to MANY Trufants.
My Grandpa is now in heaven and my Morfar is a retirement community so I can't go with either one of them anymore. But I CAN take Peanut and pass my love of junk on to her. :)
This is her with her loot ( 3 My Little Ponies, 1 horse that makes noise, and 3 books). I didn't fair as well as she did. The bag in front has my 6 mini Pyrex bowls. And we didn't find any Star Wars stuff for daddy. So it was kind of a bust shopping wise. But that is all part of the thrill of a flea market for me. Sometimes you find the perfect treasure and sometimes you don't.
#5: Friday/ Saturday: Party Time!
So my brother and his fiancé are getting married in September. Yesterday was my soon to be S.I.L's bachelorette party. Thursday I went shopping for SOMETHING to wear and found this skirt and sandals. ( I already had a top to go with it.)

The best part? For both I only spent $15!
Even though it was three hours away and the driving part stunk, the rest of it was SO much fun!
Well that was my week in a nutshell. Go link up with DOODLEBUGS TEACHING and tell us about 5 things that happened with you this week!


  1. Your family reunion looks like it was lots of fun! And I absolutely love those sandals! :o)


  2. I will pay you in cream puffs to come and cut out my lamination. WIN WIN!!!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

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