Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week Day 1: All About Me!

Happy Monday Friends!

I was planning on doing a Monday Made It post today but my stuff isn't quite ready. I was sad to see that Tara is going back to monthly now, but I understand. It is so weird to know that many of you are already back to school. Don't worry, my time is coming too. :)

So instead I decided to link up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week.

 I am going to *try* to do the posts all week. We will see how I do.

 SO today's topic! Here are 10 things you might not know about me!

#1 I am obsessed with Mason Jars.
I decorate with the vintage ones. The blue ones are my favorite.
And, we use them to drink out of.
#2 I love black picture frames.

( This wall is a work in progress.)
#3 That beautiful fireplace in the picture above was one of the main reasons for buying our house.
#4 I have an unhealthy love of spray paint. These are just a few examples of the things I have given new life to through spray paint.

#5 You already know I collect Santa's (or you should if you have ready any post where I talk about Christmas...which is just about every one! LOL!) But I also collect angels and Jim Shore figurines... Jim Shore angels like in the picture above...DOUBLE SCORE!
#6 I have three best friends.
One is my mom.
One is almost as old as my mom and is my daughters godmother.
The other I have been friends with since I was for 17 years can do the math if you are dying to figure out my age. :)
#7 I love taking 4 generation pictures with my daughter, my mom, and my Mormor ( Swedish for grandmother).
 Too funny that Peanut is in the same dress in two of these pictures!
Everyone always said I looked like my mom growing up and I believed them, but it wasn't until my sister pointed out in this picture that we all have the same chin and nose that I was able to pinpoint the similarities.
#8 My husband Kelly and I met while working at the movie theater. We actually did not like each other when we first met. He thought I was stuck up ( I'm NOT!) and I thought he was a boring computer geek ( the geek part is true. hee-hee.)
This was us at Halloween two years ago....The year before we were it was Kel's turn to pick. Of course he picked Star Wars!
#9 My best friend said to me after I went out with Kelly a couple of times that I should " just date him for a little's not like you are going to marry the guy!" Glad I took the beginning part of her advice. ( She told that story in her maid of honor speech.)
This is the very first picture we ever took together.... 11 and  1/2  years ago...Look at those babies!
#10 My husband is an AMAZING daddy.
He seriously should be married to someone who wants like 5 or 6 kids.... I am not that person. :)
Yesterday when I got out of the shower I found this:
The two of them snuggling while watching " Call Me Maybe" ( Peanuts favorite song) and singing along.
Seriously, love that man!
So there you go! I tried to think of things I haven't shared before. I would love to learn more about you! Go link up!

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog - my very first comment! I have all black photo frames on my wall, too! And Call Me Maybe? I think that's the preschool anthem. :) My daughter sang it karaoke on vacation, people were impressed that a 4-year old knew all the words. Guess those people don't have 4-year olds at home!


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