Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! I've lots of work to go!

Exciting! I'm up to 34 followers and its only Tuesday night! Share, Share, the giveaway so I can make it to 50 and pony up 2 gift certificates! Last night I spent a good 4 hours in my room organizing and re-arranging. This is the 3rd time I've worked in my room in the past two weeks. I am certainly not ready to start posting any after pics but, I thought I would share the EEK! before pictures. This way in a couple of weeks when I post the finished product you will all die of shock and declare me a genius! :)

Ok, so this is the view when you first walk in the door.

And this is the view of the back of my room if you are standing in the doorway. I know, my room is SMALL!! 

My room is in upheaval! First off, I took a bunch of stuff down because I wanted to re-arrange and I just love a fresh start. Hence so much blank wall space. I can assure you that it does not look that way during the school year! 

Second off, I also have the best husband in the entire world and he brought me a rolling white board home from his work. They were just giving it away! So he claimed it for me and had it waiting in the garage as a surprise when I got home back at the end of last school year! This is why the one white board is off the wall. Its being removed and my rolling one is going to go where that weird patch of tannish yellow is on the walls. Now you all know what color the room was before I inherited it and covered it in blue. :)

It doesn't look quite this bad anymore. I have cleaned it up quite a bit. But I still have alot of time left too, unlike some of my blogging friends, because in Michigan we can't start back to school until after Labor Day.

So there is a peak into my room. Now! Go forth and share my giveaway! :)


  1. You made it to 50! YAY! I am your newest follower! If you have time stop by my blog and join my "Classroom Tours Linky Party"!


    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

  2. Congrats on 50 followers!! Yay! :) I'm your newest one & found you through the Classroom Tour Linky. I'd love for you to stop by sometime!

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. Congratulations on 50 followers....I am getting close to 50, too!

    Like you I teach 2nd grade. This will be my fifth year in 2nd grade and I love it here!

    Come visit my blog, hopefully some of my freebies can be used in your classroom, too!

    Wishful Teaching


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