Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And the Winners Are....

Well, the day has arrived for me to announce the winners of my first ever giveaway. I first want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who entered and everyone who is following my blog. I'm at 59 followers now, which I think is incredible!

Now, a little explanation, just so there is no confusion. :) Here is how I picked my winners. First, in order to even be entered you had to be a follower of this here blog AND leave a comment on the giveaway post. Then before I did the random number generator I went in and deleted the comments that I had made in response to people's posts. This left me with the number 28. So in the random number generator I had a range from 1- 28.( Sidenote, for some reason when I copied it on to this page it keeps saying my max was 100, but on the random number generator site it says 28. Not sure what is up with that.) So anyway, I plugged those numbers into the generator and got.....

Drum roll please..................

True Random Number Generator


So, then I went to my comments section, counted down to the 4th spot AND, this is who was comment 4 and ultimately the winner.....

just followed your sweet blog!!!! I think you resolution #4 is so important! I had great mentors but some of my friends, unfortunately did not! I'm sure you'll be wonderful!

Mrs. Kelly's Klass

BUT WAIT! There's more! Remember when I said if I could get to 50 followers I would giveaway 2 gift certs! Well, lo and behold, something I thought would not happen, DID!  So, I did the same thing as above and got....

True Random Number Generator


Went back to the comments section, counted down 14 and found...

Reading this gave me a flash-back to me this time last summer!

❤ Karen
Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade

Congratulations to the winners. I will be contacting you this morning about your gift certificates! Thanks all for following and entering. I still can't believe I have 59 followers. I know it's not the hundreds and thousands that other people have, but it sure feels that way when I look back to a month ago and my 2 followers. ( One of which was ME! Haha)

* Still shaking head in disbelief*


  1. Ahh! So excited! Thank you and congrats on now 59 followers!

    ❤ Karen
    Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade

    1. You are welcome Karen! Thanks for joining up! :)


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