Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Made It: Numero Uno! :)

I am so pysched to have something done on time ( and that I took pics of) for Monday Made It.

Last weekened my adorable nephew turned 1. So my husband, my sister, one of my brothers, and my daughter all schlepped it down to Ann Arbor to celebrate. We had to drive SOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW because we took a U-HAUL of stuff that my sister- in- law's mother had been storing for them. I'm a big fan of driving and everyone was a little nervous about me driving the huge suburban with the U-HAUL attached.But, I did it and I did a good job! So there! :)

Anyways, when we were unloading everything I brought in a rattan chair and asked my S.I.L. where she wanted it. She didn't and offered it to me. I jumped at that ,BECAAAAUSE there is just something SO teacher-y about having a wicker type chair in your room. I have been looking for one for awhile and I really wanted more of a kid size one but ,beggars can't be choosers!

I am a self professed spray paint QUEEN! I've done chairs, bookshelves, tables, dresser drawer pulls, the list goes on and on. So I knew that in order to change this chair from Drab to Fab all it would take was just a little paint. :)
The chair and cushion BEFORE ( and a little boring)

The Chair and Cushion After and Fabulous Option #1
The Chair and Cushion After and Fabulous Option #2

A Side View of the Chair

I spray painted the chair with a turquoise blue spray paint. Originally, I was going for a brighter look but I ran out of paint! And I kind of like the beachy shabby chic vibe it has going on right now so I think I am going to leave it. I used acrylic paints from Walmart, 97 cents a bottle!, for the buttons.

My first plan was to just cover the buttons with the paint, but after I was done and had a boatload of paint left ,I thought maybe some polka dots would be fun. So I'm not sure which one I will go with. Since it's for the kiddo's maybe they can choose. Thoughts?

Heading in to school later and will post some pics of things I have gotten done there. Fingers crossed we have a new lamination roll!

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Just got home from school were I am kind of at a standstill for a little while. The laminator is out of film ( which is why I am asking for a personal one for Christmas!!!!!) and I am waiting on my new bulletin board borders to come in. :( But I did add some fun duct tape to my rolling white board. :)
This FUN duct tape


This boring white board

This SUPER fun white board. I really kind of love it. :)

And my chair is looking good in my room too.


  1. I love your chair! I am also a new follower. I am hosting a giveaway and would love to have you enter!


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