Monday, August 20, 2012

Teacher Week: Monday Must- haves/ Monday Made It!

WHEW! What a busy week I just had. My husband's high school class finally decided to have a reunion this year ,but discovered they had no money to rent a place to get together. Enter my house and our huge yard and my sweet hubby who offered up that we host the event. So I spent all of last week cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning...with a little painting thrown in because I am crazy like that! I hardly had anytime to get online to check my Pinterest account, let alone check out blogs and post anything myself.

Today I am able to re-enter the world of technology and have enjoyed almost 2 hours of mindless internet browsing, while my little one entertains herself with The Fresh Beat Band and her endless supply of toys. While purusing my facebook account I saw that Amy Lemons had posted about a Teacher Week Linky Party. Score! Just the thing to get me back into the blogging world. So I followed her link over to Blog Hoppin' and here I am sharing my teacher must-haves.

I've actually shared some resources before in this post HERE. So I am going to try to share some different one's with you. If you want to join in the fun you can!

Number 1 on my list of must haves is a supportive hubby and I have that in SPADES! ( If your not married it's still important to have family support!) He understands the crazy life of being married to a teacher. There are those days when he texts me when dinner is done so I can run home and eat with him and Fin and then head back to school for another couple of hours, or when I need him to come hang something in my room, or lug something heavy up the stairs. He does it all without complaint.

<3 him!!!

Number 2 on my list of must haves is a school support system. You need those people you can go to when your day has been horrible and you just need to vent and eat a peice of chocolate. These are the people that keep you from going crazy. I'm lucky to work with some of my very best friends ( Mrs. V in the library and Mrs. Zocco for you CCA folks). Those two coo-coo birds make life super fun!

Number 3 is my morning coffee drink. I alternate between these 4 coffee drink options.

My fave is the Rockstar Light Vanilla but it doesn't seem to be readily stocked at the gas station by my daughters day care. When I do see it I buy all the ones they have. :) The top box is little packets that you can add to milk. Thats been my go-to this summer.

The Number 4 must have for me is being hyper organized. Teacher toolbox, plastic tubs with labels, file folders organized by subject area or monthly theme, I have them all. I am constantly organizing and reorganizing my space and I love it. I allow myself one area for chucking things, but everything else must be a place for everything and everything in it's place. I think it's important that if we expect our students to be organized and neat that we model that as well.

I hope to add a Number 5 must have someday as a personal laminator. :) Sara over at Smiling in 2nd Grade is giving one away and I hope, hope, hope I win it. If not, it's going on the Christmas list! :) You can head over to her blog HERE and enter.

One more thing. I am updating this post so that I don't do 2 in one day...oh the horror! :) I am linking up with Tara for another Monday Made It to share with you my lunch choice "board" for lack of a better term, for the year.

I saw this super cute idea on Pinterest last year and knew I wanted to do something similar this year.
Pinned Image

I was a little unsure of how to go about it. I am not a very good artist and I couldn't find any sharks on any websites big enough to use. Then I remembered these great Shark Acrostic poems the kiddo's had made courtesty of the FAB Amy Lemmons. You can find it HERE.

Shark Acrostic Poem Freebie
This is the sample on her site.

So I took the template from the shark acrostic poem and this is what I made:

I think it turned out super cute. I tried to make the sign look like it had a bite taken out of it. :) The space between the sharks and the sign will be for our lunch menu. I have this right in the doorway when you enter my room.

When my kiddo's come in in the morning the first thing they do is make their lunch choice. I have a clothespin with their name on it that they put on their lunch choice. This also serves as my attendance chart as well. I have a lunch helper who tell's me who is having what for lunch and then I enter it into my computer. I love it, I love it! 

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  1. I agree about having a supportive husband!! It truly helps. My husband was blowing up balloons for my first day of school last night! lol. I just found your blog through the linky & I'm a new follower!
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