Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teacher Week: Therapeutic Thursday

Today I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' again. This time for Therapeutic Thursday and to share how I unwind after a stressful or long day/week.

The first thing I do is run and find these two coo-coo birds so we can " talk it out". They always have good advice and they make me laugh.

Look! It's Mrs. Zocoo and Mrs. V!
I wish it wasn't but, the next thing I do is get something tasty to eat. It usually involves something carb-y and covered in cheese. But, I mean, who doesn't like that?!

I DO like to go for walks or go to Zumba. Thankfully the place where I do Zumba has no mirrors. This way I can perpetuate the myth in my head that I look good while doing the steps. :)

Lastly, I love to veg out with the tv or computer. You KNOW I love me some Pinterest! :) I also like to watch my shows which are all pretty much trash if I'm being honest.  I like Dancing with the Stars, PLL, The Voice, House Hunters, Glee, Grey's Anatamy, Scandal ( LOVE IT!), The Middle, Modern Family, Up All Night and Project Runway just to name a few ( THOUSAND).

So there you have it. Go link up with Blog Hoppin' and share your tips.


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  2. I think we are sisters who were separated at birth! Wish my Zumba place didn't have mirrors... YIKES!!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

    1. I know! I am so thankful that blogging has reunited us. Haha. :)

  3. I love The Middle--she makes me feel like I have my life somewhat put together!

    1. Me too! I feel like a good mom watching their weekly follies. :)


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