Saturday, October 12, 2013

Classroom Quick Tips Linky ( A Few Days Late)

Oh my goodness!

Do not faint from shock, I am ACTUALLY blogging.

You know how when you haven't blogged for awhile its hard to get back in to the routine, that is how I have been for the past month... Or maybe you are a WAY better blogger than me and you never take a break. :)

So back to the Quick Tips Linky.

(I have felt especially bad about not blogging more often because I help to HOST this linky! But here I am, FINALLY, sharing and hopefully getting back into my bloggy routine because I have really missed it.)

Link up with a quick tip that makes life in your classroom easier. There are no weekly themes or topics. The only real "rule" is that you may not link up with a paid product or unit. Our goal is to share the small nuggets of greatness that are happening every day in our classrooms! If you missed the backstory about how this party got started, click here! Angela and I would also appreciate it if you linked back to our blogs and included our button in your post :)

My Tip

So I loved the kiddo's having book bins in my room last year and I know many of you have them in your room. But I just did NOT have the space for them this year due to the new math curriculum that we adopted. ( It came with 12 binders! 12!!!!!) I needed the bookshelves that housed the book bins last year for something else.

In the past I used green file folders in a crate as book "bins", but I didn't really like how long it would take the kids to find theirs. So I thought about what made the book bins so easy to use and how I could transfer some of that over to the crate.  

I decided that adding a photo to the top of their green folder would make it easier for them to see right away which one was theirs. (Plus, even though it seemed pretty obvious to me which way the folders were supposed to go, I always had kids who were trying to put them in sideways or upside down and it just became a mess. This way they know for sure which way it is supposed to be. ) I also staggered them so that they could also be more easily seen.

I purposefully made this photo blurry so you could see the photos attached, but not see the peanuts faces.
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